The most beautiful collection of decorative maps and art prints, original designs & vibrant colours.


Maps of big cities, towns, islands and lakes... most in Canada, some from other parts of the world. We keep adding new places every week.

Art Prints of a wide variety still in development.


Best wall decor for home and office

Caring for the harmony of the place we inhabit is more important than we think.

We spend our lives at home or in the office, we pay attention to furniture and other details, such as plants for example but many times we forget the walls.

They give us the opportunity to really modify the general feeling when entering a room, bright colors for the entrance, soft in the bedroom, a mystical symbol in the yoga corner, will greatly affect your state of mind.


Seeing the empty walls depresses us, it leaves us with a feeling of being passing through that place.

The decoration of the walls also allows us to give our personal touch to a place, showing our personality and our style just as we do with our clothes and our haircut.

Take care of your walls, invest in them!


Paint a wall with a different color and choose a decorative map that contrasts with that color...


the room will come to life!



A premade city maps collection ready to ship.


A new map made just for you

You can choose one of the 9 colour combinations for a wide variety of places that have been already made.

This is considered the standard product.




Large size wall art for special needs

If you can't find your favourite place, don't worry, I will create it for you.


I just need to know what it is. 


Along with the order, please send:

  • The NAME of the city, town, island, lake... The place you wish.


  • The COUNTRY.

I will send you a DRAFT of the map to be sure  the place is right, also how much we "zoom in" to the place and the colour combination, so NO SURPRISES!

If you need special dimensions you mast jump to Special Request!


Some maps are special because

our customers needed them to be.

Here you will find some of the maps that where ordered via Special Request and now are available for you all.


Everything is possible: different sizes, paper options, orientation, colours, titles...




The cutest wall decor for the nursery and games room 

We have created a series of magical world scenes just for them, filled with a thousand details to discover little by little and with a bunch of new little friends who need a name and a story to tell.

Perfect for stimulating creativity. They all come with a blank version to color in!



Artistic wall calendars for everybody 

Calendars are necessary, especially in current circumstances, we usually have them hidden in pantries or garages because, normally, they are not so pretty, but that has changed.

Now there is this fantastic collection of beautiful and original calendars, which can be placed in a main room of the house.

There is a special section for the children's room.