In case you wish a map similar to those on the Main Collection, that is, standard size (16x20 "or 18x24") in one of the 9 available combinations, but depicting a different city, that is consider a CUSTOM MAP.

If you also need other sizes, different types of paper, or new customizations, you should go to the Special Request section.

I will create a new map for you. Just enter the information on the text box to the right:

  1. the NAME of the City, Town, Island or Lake,

  2. the PROVINCE and

  3. the COUNTRY.

Finally, choose the colour combination of your preference.


I will send you a DRAFT of the map to be sure  the place is right, also how much we "zoom in" to the place and the colour combination, so NO SURPRISES!



PriceFrom C$79.00

Please contact me if you have any question related to how Custom Maps works, what can be done or not, if your project fits here or should be consifer a Special Request, etc..