In case you wish a map similar to those on the Main Collection, that is, standard size (16x20 "or 18x24") in one of the 9 available combinations, but depicting a different city, that is consider a CUSTOM MAP.

If you also need other sizes, different types of paper, or new customizations, you should go to the Special Request section.

I will create a new map for you. Just enter the information on the text box to the right:

  1. the NAME of the City, Town, Island or Lake,

  2. the PROVINCE and

  3. the COUNTRY.

Finally, choose the colour combination of your preference.


I will send you a DRAFT of the map to be sure  the place is right, also how much we "zoom in" to the place and the colour combination, so NO SURPRISES!




Please contact me if you have any question related to how Custom Maps works, what can be done or not, if your project fits here or should be consifer a Special Request, etc..


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