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Gift ideas for someone who has it all

… Or for someone you don’t know well enough.

Oh, no! Here we are again! You want to surprise a friend or a custom with a special gift, but either they seem to have it all or you don’t know the person so well to find the right gift for them. It’s so exasperating!

Despair no more. We bring you some ideas to hit the bull’s-eye: Dress their walls with a beautiful map or amaze them with a bathymetric one.

We all love maps, for one reason or another. They bring us memories or promises of future explorations. And they can also be so decorative! Take a look at our catalogue and you’ll surely find the one that will better please your friend or custom.

For your help, here is an overview of our products.

1. Main collection

You can choose one of the 9 colour combinations for a wide variety of places, from big cities to towns, islands or lakes, both from Canada and abroad. We keep adding new places every week. Visit our shop to know them.

Most maps can be ordered with these finishing options:

  • Print: map printed on CANON Matte 230 gr thick paper for art prints.

  • Canvas: map printed on a very resistant synthetic CANON Canvas thick paper mounted on a wood frame, 1.5 " thickness, with a 3D effect.

Can’t you find the spot you have in mind? No problem, you can order a custom map. Just let us know the place you wish and we’ll create it.

2. Special maps collection

We believe our standard products may suit most offices and homes. Nevertheless, if you have a special request (apart from the place depicted), regarding size, paper options, colours, anything!, simply say it. Contact us with the details of your project to get some feedback and an estimate of the costs related to design and print.

3. NEW! Bathymetric maps

We are starting a collection of technical maps showing the bathymetry (depth of water) in lakes, printed on Tyvek paper (water resistant). They are also available as digital files to be used on the AVENZA App a GPS app for mobile devices.

This is really an original gift for someone living by the lake or who is fond of fishing.

Please, contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your friend or custom.

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