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Hotel managers: find a simple way to restyle your lodgings

Are you willing to give some new style to your places? We encourage you to try Tierra Prints proposals for wall decoration. At no high cost you’ll get a fresh and modern look for all your spaces: bedrooms, lobby, lounge, dining room, etc.

Surprise your travel customers with an artistic view of the cities or regions of the surrounding area. If they are newcomers, the prints will help them to get an idea of the places they are visiting. But if they are old visitors, they’ll enjoy the maps even better, since they’ll bring them nice remembrances of past trips.

Since our prints are provided in a wide variety of color combinations, you’ll surely find the perfect one to match your needs. They may fit into your present decoration or rather serve as a counterbalance to it. Neutral tones will suit a classy decoration while bright and contrasting colours will cheer up a monochrome or duller space.

Please visit our gallery to see our creations in the different color and finishing options. Feel free to ask us any doubts about customising products or any other issue. Enjoy our maps!

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