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How to choose the right size for your print

I agree, it's not easy, even less in a country like Canada, where we have to live with both cm and inches. So, let's try to throw some light to the matter...

The standard sizes we offer are:

  • 16" x 20" (41 cm x 51 cm)

  • 18" x 24" (46 cm x 61 cm)

Both will fit great in almost any space. Of course, if the room is very small or the wall is narrow, you rather go with the 16" x 20".

It's possible to order any size via our Special Request page, where you can also find a few large maps in the Special Collection, like 24" x 30" or 24" x 36". Be careful with the last one, it's a very big piece once framed and hanging!

Take into account that maps fill the space more than other kinds of prints. Why? Because they have meaningful content, they bring memories and awake feelings.

It's almost impossible to look at the map of a town you've lived in and not to try to spot your street. Maps are great conversation starters, which makes them perfect for a meeting room or even better for a waiting room!

A map is always a thoughtful gift that fits any occasion. Take advantage of the free shipping for 2 or more products!

Back to the sizes, a good tip is to bring any other painting you have at home and place it on the wall you plan to hang one of our prints. If you can't decide between two sizes, go with the smallest. You'll always have the possibility to add a mat and choose a bigger frame if necessary.

One last tip, or rather a troubleshooting. If you got a print and it's bigger than you expected, you can just crop it, make your own zoom in to the areas you like the most.

Be creative! Just as our prints are.

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