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There's something about maps

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Maps are appealing. Whenever there’s one around we feel compelled to examine it. Does it show a location where we have already been? Then it will bring us sweet memories of that romantic garden, the cozy old Café and every other spots where we had such a great time. Is it a place we still don’t know? Then we’ll wonder how picturesque this cramped quarter may be or rather try to anticipate the flavors of its untasted gastronomy.

Map of Madrid (South)

It’s hard to resist the evocative power of maps. We love to watch them. It makes no difference if they picture a real place or an invented one. We immediately dive into it and mentally go from one place to another, walking up the avenues or crossing the rivers. The more suggestive the topographic names are, the more amusing the game is.


Maps can also be attractive decorating pieces for your home or office. Old or new designs, classic or fashionable, they’ll surely add a stylish touch to the room.

In Tierra Prints we offer a collection of cities and towns in gorgeous color combinations that will dress up your walls wonderfully. You can either choose a map from the wide range offered or customize it according to your preferences. There’s a map for every ambiance. Come on in and find yours!


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