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Tips for hanging wall art

How good are you at decorating walls? Do you have an eye for it or rather ask for help to your friends (and have them here and there around your house holding a frame)?

Young woman hanging a picture on the wall

A simple picture can completely change the perception of a room, no matter if it’s an old painting, a family photo or a Tierra Prints map. Therefore, it’s not too bad to take some time to think how to do it. Some basic issues, such as height, relative position to other pieces of furniture or blank spaces should be taken into account.

In Canada, frames are usually hung at eye level. In some Latin countries, however, they like to place them higher. Many times, and that goes universally, pictures end up wherever there’s a nail available.

Please, don’t do that last thing with our beautiful maps! Once you’ve chosen your beloved city or place, take your time to select the color and finishing options that best convey the mood you want for your home or office: casual, sober, elegant... Then, look for the best spot to hang them so that they can really shine.

In this helpful graphic (courtesy of Made) you will learn nice and easy how to display pictures and get the best out of them. Follow their advice and let family and customers get surprised with a Tierra Print next time they come to visit you.

Infographic How to display art in your home


Foto above by Bearfotos (

Infographic by

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