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In this section, everything is possible!

This is the place for your special request, from a little map to a huge mural for an entire wall...


Here you can dream with all kind of customizations for your map:

  • Would you like to try a different color combination?

  • Add a nice sentence?

  • Maybe a closer zoom to the downtown?

  • Centred on your home?

Contact us with the details of your project to get some feedback or an estimate of the costs related to designing and printing.

Any kind of paper:


  • Tyvek (waterproof)

  • Banner (waterproof)

  • Adhesive

  • Watercolour

Special Collection

Service of thematic cartography

A god example of thematic maps are the ones made fot the event: ULTRA TRAIL CHIC-CHOCS 2021
Saturday July 3rd

Using data provided by SEPAQ with limited use authoritation mixed with geographic data from other sources like Natural Resources Canada


For more information about this race please visit:

For al the participants and the organizacion team, the maps were distributed only on a digital format vía the AVENZA Maps GPS App.

This is an OFFLINE maps application with full GPS functionalities for navigation.

Download the offline map for AVENZA Maps app HERE

Download a high resolution PDF file of this map HERE

I provide advance cartography services for all kind of thematic maps, please contact me to describe your project and get a detailed quote.

IMG_9B1872C2EB37-1 2.jpeg

Marta Benito, Cartography designer.

Special  Collection IN STOCK

Here you will find some of the maps that where ordered via Special Request and now are available for you all.


You can Re-customize them again!

Everything is possible: different sizes, paper options, orientation, colours, titles...

If you wish the standard size and colour options but depicting a different city, please visit CUSTOM MAP.

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